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Family Engagement Plan


Acknowledging that parents/guardians are a student’s first teachers and that continuing support of their childrens’ educational growth is essential for academic success, Claude ISD is committed to the following Parent and Family Engagement Plan:


· Title I, Part A parents will annually be offered Title I, Part A program implementation information and will be encouraged to ask questions and to offer suggestions for improving and strengthening the program.


· Parents will receive pertinent and timely information concerning overall student performance standards and expectations based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).


· Parents will be provided with timely and accurate information concerning local campus and state assessment instruments.


· Parents will be offered opportunities for learning about fostering improved academic performance for their child(ren) being culturally and linguistically responsive as needed.


· Parent representatives (including parents of Title I, Part A students) will be encouraged to become involved in the development, review, and evaluation of the campus improvement plan.


· Claude ISD  will invite Title I, Part A parents to participate in the annual review and revision of the Parent/School Compact.


· Title I, Part A parents will be asked to complete surveys evaluating the Title I, Part A Program and opportunities for Parent and Family Engagement.


· Parents will be encouraged to annually review and revise this plan.