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Summer Reading Letter


Dear Parents,


I believe reading and the ability to read is the basis for any great education.  A great education for your student is the sole purpose of our existence as Claude ISD.  We state this in part, in our mission statement. With this said, it is imperative that our students are encouraged to read as often as possible.  This summer we will be kicking off a summer reading program. We asked them to choose their reading selections from the Barnes and Nobles Top 100 Summer Reading List. Mrs. Whitaker and myself are allowing students to vote on a book from this list that they would like to see us read along with them.  This voting option is through your students school email and will be available until Saturday, June 1.

Click here to download the Summer Reading List 2019.

Here are the guidelines:

Choose two books to read.  Feel free to download and listen to one of your choices.  Please read the other. While reading your books, collect artifacts that represent such things as characters, locations, themes, etc.  Bring these artifacts on the first day of school. We will use these items to guide our activities during RTI for the first week or so of school.

When school resumes in the fall we will take some time to engage in activities based on the different books read by your child.


Things to consider as you are reading

  1. What surprised you

  2. What did the author think you already knew?

  3. What challenged, changed, or confirmed your thinking?

If you have any questions or need any assistance in locating the books free of charge please do not hesitate to contact myself or Mrs. Whitaker here at school.

Thank you for allowing the staff of Claude ISD the opportunity to work with your student(s).


John Moffett