Claude Independent School District

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Claude Independent School District 500 5th Street, Claude | TX 79019 | Ph: (806) 226-7331 | Fax: (806) 226-2244
Welcome to Claude Independent School District.  Thanks for visiting!

Claude Elementary

Welcome to Claude Elementary School, home of the Mustangs! We know that any student who believes will achieve success! That’s our motto and we stick to it. We educate Mustangs in grades K-5 in the rural community of Claude, a town named after the first conductor to drive a train through the area. You’ll find us located in the Texas panhandle of Armstrong County, and we have rich history dating back to our town’s formation in 1887.

The foundation your little ones receive today will pave an important path as they grow into young adults; contributing to our community and other aspects of the adult world. That’s why we’re devoting our best efforts for your children to learn from our highly qualified teachers. We have small classes with an average of 15 kids to a classroom.

Our past performance has demonstrated that we offer an exceptional education at this elementary school. We have awards like the Blue Ribbon to show for it. We continue to offer the best we can, and make the most of each learning opportunity to help your children embrace the excitement that comes with discovery.

Additionally, we recognize every parent’s help and the volunteer assistance you offer. Parent involvement truly is the backbone of our school. We appreciate the small supportive community of Claude, Texas and the contributions that we receive in abundance.

Today in our community of slightly over one thousand people, our school educates more than 150 of the best and brightest children every day. We are also proud to say we’re a TEA Recognized School. We have strong community support and small classroom sizes that ensure your child receives the individualized attention needed to succeed.
Our Staff
Claude Elementary School is proud to present to you the highly qualified teachers, staff, and administrators that make this school terrific! We care about the skills and education your children receive each day and we hope to prepare them for the experiences each will encounter in life. The people at Claude Elementary work hard to ensure your child has the best possible learning experience. We’re proud to do our best for you each day! Please visit our Staff Directory for a full list of faculty and staff for this campus.
School Minutes
The state school law changed this year about school time -- from "days in school" to "minutes at school".  The formula was based off the 191 day calendar and 180 days of school. For the elementary school, a typical 8:00 - 3:00 school day = 420 minutes. At the end of this semester, we’ll have 34,020 minutes. We need 76,740 minutes for the year. With late starts etc., we need to add some time and cushion for bad weather and down state competitions. Starting January 4th, 2016, the elementary school will release @ 3:25.  The buses will dismiss as they have all year.