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Claude Independent School District 500 5th Street, Claude | TX 79019 | Ph: (806) 226-7331 | Fax: (806) 226-2244
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Your child’s health is important to us. We are dedicated to not only providing nutritious meals in our cafeteria, but also educating our students to make healthy food choices for themselves. Food education is one way to help ensure that children start on the road towards good eating habits for a lifetime.

Please purchase meals for the cafeteria in the Business Office or Elementary Office before lunchtime. This helps us to keep the lunch lines running quickly, allowing your child more time to eat. You are always welcome to eat in the cafeteria with your child. Just make sure to check in at the office before proceeding to eat with your son or daughter.

Cafeteria Prices

Regular breakfast: $1.50
Reduced breakfast: $0.30
Adult breakfast: $1.50

Regular lunch: $2.75
Reduced lunch: $0.40
Adult guests: $3.75
Extra milk: $0.50

Charging Policy for Meals
A student is allowed to charge up to $20 in the cafeteria.  At the $20 mark, no more charges are allowed, and a state approved, nutritious alternative meal will be provided to the student.  When a student reaches $12.50 in charges, notifications by phone are made.  
If you need a free and reduced lunch application, please use the link to the right.

Health Curriculum

If you would like more information about our Health Curriculum, we’ve included the links here.